Screen Compositions 13 at Experimental Intermedia 3/14/17

My new video “Blaafarveværket” using video synthesis materials I created during my residency at Signal Culture (June 2016), is finished with aleatoric presentation and audio synthesis by Hans Tammen.  Blaafarveværket (“Blue Color Works”), in Norway, produced most of the world’s cobalt blue dye in 19th century.). at Screen Compositions 13 on March 14, 2017, soon on Youtube..

Sliver Shift artwork

SCREEN COMPOSITIONS 13 – Curated by Katherine Liberovskaya It’s the thirteenth year of Screen Compositions; in Chinese culture (and we’re in Chinatown) 13 is very lucky and means “definitely vibrant”; so this 2017 edition presents a most definitely vibrant collection of intersections of moving image with sonic art; a program of screen works representing dynamic two-way collaborations between video/film artists and sound/music artists specifically intended for single-channel projection with no live or performance component; featuring collaborations by: Magdalena Campos-Pons / Neil Leonard; Paul Clipson / Byron Westbrook; Julie Doucet / Anne-f. Jacques; Janene Higgins / Cassis B Staudt; Luis Macias / Alfredo Costa Monteiro; Geoff Matters / Dok Gregory; Laetitia Morais / Carlos Guedes; Dafna Naphtali / Hans Tammen; Mercedes Peris / Ferrer-Molina; Paola Pisani / Alessandro Fogar. Dafna Naphtali / Hans Tammen’s collaboration “Blaafarveværket” includes video synthesis work from Dafna’s residency at Signal Culture last June! BUY TICKETS More information

Time: 7:00pm. Admission: 4.99. Age restrictions: All Ages. Address: 224 Centre Street at Grand, Third Floor. Venue phone: 212 431 5127, 431 6430.

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