We Q - debut release from Edith Lettner / Dafna Naphtali

Edith Lettner (soprano/alto sax, duduk), Dafna Naphtali (live sound processing of voice and reeds). Clang Label.

AWOL_socket video at (NotSo) Short Fest

Naphtali's video AWOL_socket is included in The (notso) Short Fest. Created at Signal Culture residency (2016) in Chapter 3 of the series with colleagues at Transart Institute. AWOL_socket starts at 54:37 but check out all the other great pieces too!

Microcosmopolitan - new release from Chatter Blip

Chatter Blip duo - Chuck Bettis & Dafna Naphtali (voices/electronics)

Walkie Talkie Dreams soundwalks

Audio Augmented reality soundwalks in Washington Square Park, Williamsburg/Brooklyn and Hamburg Germany.

Audio Chandelier multi-channel sound works

Audio Chandelier multi-channel sound works since 2010, now in new collaboration with metalsmith Ayala Naphtali to create a kinetic sound sculpture for for Governors Island 2021.