List of works

List of Works / Dafna Naphtali:

 Robotica – 2008/11,  for LEMUR robots (GuitarBot and percussion robots), Morse code, voice, live audio processing, Wii controllers.   I did initial MaxMSP programming during LEMUR residency 2008, further development of music and performance aspects with support from Franklin Furnace Fund, premiere March 2011.

Panda Half-Life—2011, commissioned by American Composers Forum for Magic Names vocal sextet (I am a founding member).  For six voices, live sound processing / electronics and Wii / iPhone controllers.  Premiered 2010, and recorded 2011 (currently being mixed).  Magic Names formed to perform Stockhausen’s “Stimmung” also collaborating with choreographer Daria Fain.   23 min.

Mechanical Eye – 2011, for solo voice and live sound processing.  Performed and recorded at Vital Vox Festival NY and Audio Art Festival in Krakow, Poland.

Dripsodisiac – 2013, voice, live sound processing/electronics, samples. Inspired by Hugh Le Caine’s piece Dripsody.  Premiere at New York University.

Marching Men – 2007, Brecht Forum Commission.   Five song cycle for voice, ‘cello, electric guitar, baritone / alto saxophone, drums, glockenspiel, interactive electronics and audio processing, original texts.  (premiered, recorded, rough mix stage).  20min.

Landmine – American Composers Forum Commission 1999.   For Yamaha Disklavier (with pianist)., interactive computer program and live audio processing.  Commissioned for Kathleen Supové. 25min.

She said, She said “Will you sing ‘Sermonette’ with me?” 1997, composed with Kitty Brazelton for “digital chamber punk trio” ensemble What is it Like to be a Bat?.   (electric guitar, electric bass, drums, recorder, 2 sopranos, live audio processing, taped electronics and samples.)    25min (Tzadik CD, 2003).

5 dreams: marriage – 2000– composed with Kitty Brazelton for What is it Like to be a Bat?.   (same instrumentation). 25min   (Tzadik CD, 2003). – 2005, composed with Kitty Brazelton for What is it Like to be a Bat?.   (same instrumentation plus Morse Code and children’s pull-toys.   Echoes and includes portions of Pergolesi’s Stabat Mater.  25min (recorded not yet released).

Lamentations – 1995, electro-acoustic composition based on recordings made at the Wailing Wall / Al Aksa area of Jerusalem in 1994.   Hebrew and Arabic texts (7 minute tape piece, no score). Was also performed at Union Theological Seminary as live performance with Syrian singer Bisan Toron (1995), and as multi-channel work at Issue Project Room in 2006.

x.10 – 2006, for ensemble plus voice with live audio processing and samples. ( The piece has been performed with saxophone, bass, drums an alternate version with saxphone, cello dumbek).  10 minutes

{kaleid-o-phone} – 1999-present:   an ongoing set of open-form compositions based upon a performative live sound processing environment I have created for myself and used in many live performances.

Mechanique(s) – 1995-present:  an ongoing and evolving set of open-form and improvisational environments created in Max/MSP for use in ensembles with acoustic musicians whom I process live as performable “instrument”.

Chatter Blip – 2008- present.  with collaborator Chuck Bettis – a group of pieces for live sound processing of two voices. Structured improvisations and interactive video with gestural control.   Based on sci-fi distopian narrative that I wrote, a “interstellar multi-character audio operetta”.   (CD released on Acheulian Handaxe label in 2009). 

Freak Greek Side-show Preemies – 2009 voice, samples, live sound processing.  Wite-specific piece written for Make Music NY event at Coney Island, very close to where my grandfather’s premature twin sisters were displayed in a side-show as “incubator babies” circa 1910.

ekocendika –for voice, live audio processing, mandolin, with other versions for baritone saxophone, percussion and/or ‘cello, in Hebrew and Greek (incorporating part of a traditional rembetika song).

GDSQ  – 1995– String Quartet, 10 minutes.   (unperformed)

Ice-9 – 1994 – for flute, extended techniques and electronic sounds on tape   6 min.

Multi-Channel Sound Work:

Haas / Audio Chandelier – 2010-12 – a set of interrelated multi-channel compositions and studies in aural oddities/illusions, created in during a 2010 residency at Diapason, and based upon prior work at Engine 27, Issue Project Room and Reverse Space (multi-channel sound galleries in New York).  Pieces based on human and avian vocal gestures are partnered with more abstract work based on electronic impulses as the routing and movement of the sound sources create illusions of rhythm and pitch and the room seems to become a synthesizer. In yet another piece individual grains of a nearly static sound from field recordings are dispersed to various speakers throughout the gallery and altered as granular synthesis illuminate and refracts moments in time like an audio chandelier.

Additional vocal samples are bass/baritone Robert Osborne and members of Magic Names.


Audio Chandelier: TILT (for laptop orchestra ) performed by PLOrk and NYU’s laptop orchestra, NYLO (NY Laptop Orchestra.

Audio Chandelier: Field (for Urban Solar Audio Plant ) public installation of sound work as part of a moveable outdoor group show at Templehof and other spaces in Berlin. Summer 2014.

Audio Chandelier: Fry for 60×60 Surround Sound Mix installation, curated by Vox Novus and Harvestworks in 2013.

Wheezer – 2001, 2005 – originally created during live performance &  commission from Engine 27 (a 16-channel sound gallery in NY).  Later mixed it down to 5.1 surround, and presented with “Harvestworks 5.1 Workspace projects” installation NY/Bulgaria/Germany.


Reincarnation of a Lovebird– Charles Mingus 2006 (live sound processing, voice, saxophone, acoustic bass, drums)

Dangerous Kitchen– Frank Zappa (drums, bass, guitar, voice, children’s drawings) (Roulette Kids Concerts series NY)

Fall – Wayne Shorter – live processed vocals, electronics, electric bass (with Izzi Ramkissoon)


Video scores/collaborations:

      Lenore Malen: “Quarry” 2012 – shown at Lesley Heller Workspace gallery

Lenore Malen: “Be Not Afraid” 2008 — at Cue Art Gallery NY and U.S. galleries.

Angie Eng: “Memobile” 2004 – live performance w/Eng at Experimental Intermedia NY

Collaborations with Benton-C Bainbridge – Bent Festival 2006 and 2001 NY performance.

Chatterblip w/Chuck Bettis – we created interactive video for our performances 2011-2012


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