Kathleen Supové — Eye to Ivory record release

The new release by Kathleen Supové on Starkland includes Dafna’s work Landmine (2000) originally commissioned for Supové by American Composers Forum. Landmine is an interactive piece for Yamaha Disklavier, pianist, computer improviser, and live audio processing.

..coaxes fascinating gurgles, rattles, snaps, swoops, echoing swirls.. realtime effects processing.. each live performance of this work a unique sonic event. .. Landmine explores an ever-shifting collection of thoughts, images, energies and moods.”Joan La Barbara liner notes for Eye to Ivory.

The record release event was 11/24/19 at Spectrum in New York. Supové and Naphtali playing excerpts of the work as well as continuing into an improvisation (quit without saving!) with composer Nick Didkovsky on guitar.

NYU GEMS (Girls Electronic Music Stars) 2019

NYU GEMS (Girls Electronic Music Stars) is a program I’m involved in and helped start back in 2015 (headed up by Dr. Agnieszka Roginska and with student group SWiTCH (Society for Women in TeCHnology). This year I was teaching once again, this time with the great Toni Blackman!

If you ride in an NYC cab this week, you might see our current NYU GEMS (Girls Electronic Music Stars/Seminar) group in a segment from WABC-TV with Sandy Kenyon! our 15-seconds of fame!


[Book chapter] Audio Augmented Reality For Interactive Soundwalks, Sound Art and Music Delivery

Book chapter by Dafna Naphtali and Richard Rodkin for Foundations in Sound Design for Interactive Media, Vol 2. edited by Michael Filimowicz. 2019.


Locative Media is an established musical/sound art practice with a rich and diverse history encompassing many musical styles and genres. With the advent of the smartphone and sophisticated tracking systems, Audio Augmented Reality has emerged as an effective way to produce highly interactive and widely distributable works.  Using their own work as a backdrop, the authors discuss approaches and decision points for building an AAR system as well as the considerations that composers must work through to capitalize on the technology and create a truly engaging, interactive experience for the listener.

More info and pre-order through Amazon. https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/1138093939/ref=dbs_a_def_rwt_hsch_vapi_taft_p1_i5