Edith Lettner / Dafna Naphtali duo — We Q

The duo project of Edith Lettner and Dafna Naphtali began in 2017, when Lettner and Naphtali first met, performing in a larger ensembles in New York.  Meeting up for a duo session, they found instant common language and constant surprises with Lettner on soprano and alto saxophone and duduk, and Naphtali on her created electroacoustic instrument for live sound processing of Lettner’s instruments as well as her own voice.

Their work and experimentation together led to an Austrian tour in summer 2019, and an explosive recording, “We Q” released in 2020 along with a performance at Experimental  Intermedia in NY in March, and a tour in the Spring. Available on Bandcamp. (see recording of Dec 2020 Facebook Live album release event)

Lettner is based in her home town of Vienna, but well-travelled, often in  New York and Vancouver. Naphtali, a native New Yorker, lives in Brooklyn.

Below is a video from their concert at A4 in Bratislava May 31, 2019 (plus an interview with Naphtali.)

more info about Edith at www.edith-lettner.net       more info about Dafna at www.dafna.info

Facebook Live album release event Dec 7 2020:

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