Client // Collaborator List

— Max/MSP programming  “Light, Camera, Action” a permanent public art installation of three camera obscuras designed by KBAS and commissioned by the Utah Arts Council for the Salt Lake City Community College New Media Center. (for Perfection Electrix)

Artist/Client List
— I’ve consulted for and/or collaborated with many artists since mid-90’s
(@ Harvestworks, Engine 27, privately) including the following people:

Ariel Bustamente, Izzi Ramkissoon, R. Luke DuBois, Phoebe Legére, Lisa Karrer, Shelley Hirsch, Jim Staley, Angie Eng, Steve Coleman, Henry Threadgill, Chico Freeman, Cheryl Leonard, Joe Diebes, Jin Hi Kim, Leopanar Witlarge, Bruce Gremo, Hans Tammen, Monique Buzzarte, Kristin Norderval, Keiko Ueneshi, Michele Nagai, Sarah Drury, Yael Acher, Jane Rigler, Pamela Z, Doug Henderson, Andrea Parkins, Ricardo Arias, David First (Operation Kracpot), Fred Frith / Molly Davies, Linda Dusman, Myra Melford, Beth Coleman, Gene Carl, Prema Murthy, Alexandra Gardner, Qasim Ali Naqvi, Miya Masaoka, Blondell Cummings. Nelson Smith, Fred Lonberg-Holm, Yasunao Tone, Catherine Weis, Michelle Kinney, Guillermo Brown, Ana Busto, Sean Noonan, Sofia Aifos, Spencer Topel, Isabell O’Connell, Christy Matson, Holland Hopson, Chris DeLaurenti, Mike Skinner, Marty Chafkin/Perfection Electricks, Sebastian Currier, C. Lavender, Eva Davidova.

Video collaborations with: Lenore Malen (music score for Quarry and , Benton-C Bainbridge, Kristin Lucas, Angie Eng, Giles Hendrix

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