Audio Chandelier: multi-channel sound performance (Dafna Naphtali) in New York on Mon, Jun 13, 2016


AUDIO CHANDELIER  -individual grains of nearly static sound dispersed to various speakers throughout the gallery and altered as granular synthesis illuminates and refracts moments in time.  Each of this set of pieces use field recordings and audio samples processed as one “grain” is sent to each speaker available.   By manipulating the grains of sound  (which remain static in each speaker)  a surprising array of sounds and environments are created — from shimmering motion to reverberant spaces, to low crashing waves, to hyper-electronics refraction of sound.    The pieces have been presented as multi-channel fixed media, an interactive performance piece, and as a laptop orchestra piece (with an upcoming version for smartphones)

Live 8-channel performance at NYC Electroacoustic Music Festival 2016
June 13th 8pm

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