Clip Mouth Unit – Jen Baker / Dafna Naphtali duo project (trombone/voice/electronics, voice/live-sound-processing/electronics)

(Dafna Naphtali / Jen Baker at SWiTCH)

Clip Mouth Unit has a unique set of open form compositions for their multi-faceted performance concept – merging electro-acoustics, multi-phonics, and extended techniques, integrated directly with scalar and rhythmic concepts.   After improvising together for several years, including a Continue reading

mechanique(s) duo / trio and more..

Mechanique(s) is aleatoric/improvised electro-acoustic computer music project active of mine using live electronics, prepared guitar,voice, and sometimes reeds or other guest instrumentalists.   Working together since 1998 in various configurations, Mechanique(s) has been drawing on many traditions in improvised and electronic music, investigating the overlap of various elements of the performers’ technical and … Continue reading