MacDowell residency

In Oct/Nov I had the privilege to be a Fellow at MacDowell Artist Residency in Peterborough New Hampshire. I used the time to work on several different projects, including my 2023 Guggenheim Fellowship project, DUOS++OCTET which gathers all of my duo partners into a larger ensemble (the work was begun in my show at Roulette April 24th and is continuing)

I worked and created for 4 weeks, surrounded by beautiful trees in a peaceful (and quiet) environment, and in the company of, and inspired by the brilliant writers, filmmakers, choreographer and visual artists, I began composing and practicing and working toward what will be ultimately a primarily a solo guitar and voice album (to be named) inviting collaborators to join me on some tracks.

I also wrote poetry and took many many photos of trees some will become scores for future pieces, As seen below ;) Gratitude for the privilege, and the community and new friends and MacDowell.

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