Performances 2010

Recent Performances 2010 Europe tour — workshops / performances: Nov. 4 Orbis-Pictus Gallery, with Michael Delia (opening of “Play” exhibition), Prague Nov. 5 Workshop at FAMU (Film and TV school), Prague Nov. 6 Skolska — solo performance Nov. 8 Altes Finanzamt – with Thea Farhadian, Berlin Nov. 9 Workshop at… Continue reading

Franklin Furnace Grant 2010

Franklin Furnace Fund grant for 2010 to continue work on a “Robotica” – for Eric Singer’s GuitarBot and various percussion bots plus gestural controllers. Inspired by the work of Al-Jazari, a 13th century Mesopotamian/Iraqi inventor of the first musical automaton and many other ingenious devices.. The work was presented at… Continue reading


music for music robots / voice / electronics Robotica is inspired by the person and work of the ingenious early 13th century scholar/inventor Al-Jazari, the Mesopotamian creator of the some of the very first musical automata (as well as many other devices).    Robotica is written for Eric Singer’s “GuitarBot”,… Continue reading