Performances 2010

Recent Performances 2010
Europe tour — workshops / performances:
Nov. 4 Orbis-Pictus Gallery, with Michael Delia (opening of “Play” exhibition), Prague
Nov. 5 Workshop at FAMU (Film and TV school), Prague
Nov. 6 Skolska — solo performance
Nov. 8 Altes Finanzamt – with Thea Farhadian, Berlin
Nov. 9 Workshop at Hochschule für Musik und Theater, Hamburg
Nov. 10 Hörbar – solo performance

back in NY:
Nov. 13 Magic Names Ensemble (Vital Vox festival) premieres work by Gisburg

Nov. 16 annual “in-C” reading Darmstadt New Music at Poisson Rouge
Nov. 22 quartet with Ras Moshe, Shayna Dulberger, Andrew Drury Evolving Voice series Local 269

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