Interview by Guy Harries

Interviewer: Guy Harries, vocalist/composer/performer/sound-artist, for his website Live Electronic Sound 3 June 2013 excerpt check link for full interview: Q: Your performance involves a lot of interactive electronics. Could you describe your set-up? A: Most of the work I’ve done has been me controlling live sound-processing using software I developed… Continue reading

New Music Box blog posts Oct 2017

New Music Box blog posts Oct 2017 Four blog posts by Dafna Naphtali about Live Sound Processing and Improvisation. Part tutorial, part manifesto, it’s Naphtali’s take on electronic musicianship for performers. on LIVE SOUND PROCESSING AND IMPROVISATION October 5, 2017 DELAYS AS MUSIC October 12, 2017 DELAYS,… Continue reading

Musical Instruments in the 21st Century

“What if Your Instrument is Invisible?” is my chapter in the new book  “Musical Instruments in the 21st Century: Identities, Configurations, Practices” (December 2016, Springer: Singapore). Abstract:  As an electronic musician I am largely occupied with capturing and manipulation of sound in real time—specifically the sound of instruments being played by other… Continue reading

Interview on

“An Interview with Dafna Naphtali”  (from — Sept. 20, 2011) Interviewing Dafna Naphtali was especially exciting for me. Sure, it could be because she’s one of the few women involved with Max since its earliest days. But I’m especially interested because she’s a vocalist, composing beautiful vocal music amidst… Continue reading