Musical Instruments in the 21st Century

“What if Your Instrument is Invisible?”

is my chapter in the new book  “Musical Instruments in the 21st Century: Identities, Configurations, Practices” (December 2016, Springer: Singapore).

Abstract:  As an electronic musician I am largely occupied with capturing and manipulation of sound in real time—specifically the sound of instruments being played by other musicians.

Also being a singer, I’ve found that both of my instruments are often perceived as “invisible”.

This article discusses various strategies I developed, over a number of years, in order to “play” sound manipulations in musically reactive ways, to create a live sound-processing “instrument”.

Problems were encountered in explaining what I do to other musicians, audience, and audio engineers about what I do, technically and musically.  These difficulties caused me to develop specific ways to address the aesthetic issues of live sound-processing, and to better incorporate my body into performance, both of which ultimately helped alleviate the invisibility problem and make better music.

You can download/read my chapter here — “What if Your Instrument is Invisible” or purchase the chapter here:

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