Interview by Guy Harries

Interviewer: Guy Harries, vocalist/composer/performer/sound-artist,
for his website Live Electronic Sound
3 June 2013

excerpt check link for full interview:

Q: Your performance involves a lot of interactive electronics. Could you describe your set-up?

A: Most of the work I’ve done has been me controlling live sound-processing using software I developed in Max. Initially, I used an Eventide H3000 as my main instrument, and all these years later it still sounds really great. I had Peavey sliders going into a Max patch which had routings and combinations of parameters as “preset” that I used for controlling and sequencing processing I was doing with the Eventide.  I made all these Max patches in grad school and then I built more and more stuff around them, and then occasionally I would throw things away that were no longer needed or viable.

Usually I’m looking to make multiple simultaneous parameter shifts because that gets interesting results.   Things like changing the pitch-shift and increasing the feedback suddenly, and at the same time. Over time, I started grouping parameters and making them into my own presets. Then, I figured out that it’s fun to sequence the presets, so I started sequencing these radical shifts in parameter changes, using a  polyrhythmic metronome I had programmed.


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