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Dafna with Robert Dick and Satoshi Takeishi

Chatter Blip duo with Chuck Bettis at Panoply Oct 2013:

“Robotica” excerpt from Flea Theater — piece inspired by Al-Jazari, 13th century Mesopotamian inventor of musical automata.

Robotica excerpt: Dafna Naphtali & LEMUR music robots from Dafna Naphtali on Vimeo.

Princeton Laptop Orchestra (PLOrk) 2013

PLOrk 2013 Super Cut from Daniel Iglesia on Vimeo.

here I appear in an AP interview about PLOrk and writing for laptop orchestra..

Dafna with LEMUR Music Robots

Kathy Supové playing Dafna’s piece “Landmine” at NIME 2007:
Landmine @ NIME conference 2007 from Dafna Naphtali on Vimeo.

With Yair Reshef “TV bendind” at Jerusalem Film Festival 2006.
tvwaves from Yair Reshef on Vimeo.

documentation of Warren Neidich’s NSA:USA Sound as Prophecy, Nov. 2013 NYC

Performing Stimmung with Daria Fine and Magic Names sextet:

More videos here:

Videos on Vimeo
More videos on Vimeo
YouTube videos
more YouTube videos

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