CD What Is It Like To be A Bat?

Kitty Brazelton has been a mover and shaker in the downtown scene for well over a decade; a singer, bandleader and composer of striking originality. Along with Dafna Naphtali, she performs two extended suites of twisted, powerful chamber rock blending a raucous punk aesthetic with vocal harmonies, noise and much, much more. Complex, visionary weirdness from two of the strangest minds in contemporary music.   Released August 2003.

Buy physical CD here at Tzadik Website or on Bandcamp.

Band website:

Kitty Brazelton: Voice, Computer Soundtracks, Electric Bass, Sampler
Dafna Naphtali: Voice, Live Audio Processing, Max/MSP, Electric Guitar
Danny Tunick: Drums, Octapad, Voice, Electric Bass, Sampler, Soprano Recorder
with Paul Geluso: Filtering, Voice

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