Pulsing Dot – where to get it

Pulsing Dot – debut release by the duo of Gordon Beeferman (piano) and Dafna Naphtali (voice, electronics) on Clang label (Denmark) in settings and improvisations for piano and voice with kinetic sound processing, fractal rhythms, and generating polyphonic / kaleidophonic disturbances.

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Audio Chandlier kinetic sound sculpture

Audio Chandelier as a performance concept/system uses a point-source arrangement of the sounds of a single audio file into 10-16 speakers arranged in asymmetrically in a large space (preferably 20’x20” or larger.   Using a computer and granular synthesis, I send one “grain” (very small slice of sound from my audio … Continue reading


Dafna Naphtali is a sound-artist/ improviser/composer from an eclectic musical background. As a singer/guitarist/electronic-musician she performs and composes using her Max/MSP programming for sound processing of voice and other … Continue reading

Chemtech article 1983

My dad was a chemical engineer (now retired), my mother was a dancer and later a sociologist (worked on her doctorate throughout my teens).

Their debates and viewpoints on science, philosophy of science, social science, politics and their library (enormous) were the background noise and foreground content that made my … Continue reading

January 2014 News!

Good news! I was awarded a New York Foundation for the Arts 2014 Fellowship !! (in Music and Sound category).

In Tel Aviv now for a few weeks and will do a concert with Yoni Niv and Musica Nova in Jerusalem, and also guest teach/discuss my work with students at … Continue reading

Private Teaching

I’m now available to teach private lessons —
electronic music, Max/MSP, voice, composition

in person or via Skype / Google hangout etc..
email me “post[at]dafna.info” for more information