Fall 2022 M³ (Mutual Mentorship for Musicians).

Great news! Dafna’s been selected for the Fall Equinox 2022 Cohort of Mutual Mentorship for Musicians. M³ is a platform created in 2020, co-founded by vocalist-composers Jen Shyu and Sara Serpa, to empower, elevate, normalize and give visibility to women, non-binary musicians and those of other historically underrepresented gender identities in intersection with race, sexuality, or ability across generations in the US and worldwide, through a radical model of mentorship and musical collaborative commissions. https://mutualmentorshipformusicians.org/

Fall Equinox 2022 Cohort is: Krissy Bergmark – tabla (Chicago), Aline Frazão – voice, guitar (Angola/Berlin), Jessica Jones – tenor saxophone/piano (NYC), Tara Kannangara – trumpet/voice (Toronto, Canada), Gwen Laster – violin (Beacon, NY), Rosángela Isabel Pérez Molero – violin (Venezuela/Argentina), Naomi Nakanishi – piano (Boston), Dafna Naphtali – electronics/voice (NYC), CC Sunchild- piano/voice (Atlanta), Zeynep Toraman- Electronics/Composer (guitar and synth) (Berlin/Turkey), Ni Made Ayu Dwi Sattvitri – gamelan (Indonesia), Kavita Shah – voice/piano/ukulele/electronics (NYC). Stay tuned for Dafna’s new project with Gwen Laster (violin) in 2023!

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