Electronic Music Performance at NYU. Fall 2012

Attn: all interested students
Electronic Music Performance (Fall 2012) still has some openings for grads and undergrads
MPATE-GE 2609 & MPATE-UE1019

45 hours: 2 points.
Through weekly performing and discussions, students study the conceptualization and production of live electronics performance pieces. Individual proposals for several pieces are created, followed by a final live performance project, in which live electronics are an integral part of the concept.

Section 1 (Wednesdays 6:45-8:25pm) is best suited for instrumentalists and non-laptop performers interested in gaining experience working with their electronics setups and incorporating techniques for live sound processing, synthesis or interactive elements into their work. We will work both from repertoire and also very up-to-the-minute and recent works/compositions, focusing on individual and ensemble work, improvisation, live electronics, live sound processing etc. (access code required please write to dafna@nyu.edu)

Section 2 (Wednesdays 8:35pm-10:15pm) will be for a Laptop Orchestra @NYU!
We are re-starting NYLO — New York Laptop Orchestra.
what’s a laptop orchestra ? see http://laptoporchestra.net/ and http://plork.cs.princeton.edu/
for other examples. ..’bout time NYU had one..

NYLO participants can be at any level, majors or non-majors. The only requirement will be that you have available laptop, are a committed musician. We will play pieces from the growing repertoire of laptop orchestra pieces, as well as create our own pieces.

Both sections of EMP will do at least one end of semester performance off campus.

Anyone wishing to participate in either section please contact Dafna Naphtali, .

Grad Section 1:
MPATE-GE 2609 – 001 (4155)

Undergrad Section 1:
MPATE-UE 1019 – 001 (10230)

Grad Section 2 (Laptop Orchestra)
MPATE-GE 2609 – 002 (19696)

Undergrad Section 2:
MPATE-UE 1019 – 002 (10230)

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