DISCOGRAPHY Dafna Naphtali: 

Singularities #3—DN, solo electronics. (Singularities 2017)

SilverShift Silver Shift — solo electroacoustic/vocal works.  (Bandcamp, 2016)

 Index of Refraction – duo – DN, voice/electronics-sound-processing; Luis Tabuenca, percussion.  (Naucleshg/Spain 2016, Acheulian Handaxe, 2017)

chatter Chatter Blip
duo – DN, voice/electronics-sound-processing; Chuck Bettis, electronics/throat. (Acheulian Handaxe, 2009)

bat What is it Like to be a Bat? – Trio: DN (voice, electric guitar, live-processing/electronics/feedback, composition); Kitty Brazelton, (voice,electric bass, sampler, electronics-Cmix, composition); Danny Tunick, drums/percussion/sampler/electric-bass/voice); Paul Geluso (mixing, filtering/electronics, voice); (Tzadik/Oracles 2003 — 4 Stars,  All Music Guide)

mecha_front Mechanique(s) Trio – DN, voice/electronics-sound-processing; Hans Tammen, endangered guitar; Martin Speicher, alto saxophone and bass clarinet.  (Acheulian Handaxe, 2001)

 State of the Union 2.001– compilation produced by Elliot Sharp; DN, solo electronics (plus 171 other artists/tracks).   (Electronic Music Foundation, 2001)


Pulsing Dots – duo — DN, voice/live-processing, Gordon Beeferman, piano.
(Clang label 2017)


Machines and Memory (mid-2017) compositions since 2010 for robotic instruments, solo voice, vocal sextet, unusual instrumentations of chamber group, live electronics and processing.

Duos / T’nin (projected 2017) various duos from 2004-present.

As singer/side-person:

Dance of a Thousand Heads –   José Halac’s Scream: Pedro Giraudo, electric and double-bass; Masahiko Kono, trombone; Jose Halac, voice, percussion, sampler and electronics composition/electronics, DN, voice.
(Tellus 1998)

The Alternative Schubertiade – DN, vocalist–Kitty Brazelton’s arrangement of Trout Quintet “Fishy Wishy”, with 9 other composers represented. (CRI Emergency Music, 1999)

As audio engineer or other credit:

 Pop Start The Tape, Stop — Henry Threadgill’s Zooid ‎– DN, Engineer [Life Sound Spatialization].
(Hardedge, 2004)


Blue Zoo
— Borah Bergman / Peter Brötzman – DN / Paul Geluso, Engineer/Production/Mixing.
(Konnex Records / Germany, 1997)


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