News August 2011

I am working on mixing several projects which I hope will be published soon..

“Panda Half-Life” (commissioned for Magic Names vocal sextet) — live sound processing complex vocal sextet writing and gestural controllers (Wii and iPhones).    We recorded at NYU Dolan Studios, amazing room and microphones, and great singers!

Also an as-yet-unreleased What is it Like to be a Bat ? piece — “StaBAT mom” —  juxtaposes wild math-rock, noise, Morse code with dark and beautiful songs about mothering and the redemption found in the Pergolesi Stabat Mater.

.. coming soon .. video from my March performance of Robotica with Eric Singer’s LEMUR robots

This fall, I will be speaking at Cycling ’74 Expo in Brooklyn, as well as teaching Electronic Music Performance at NYU, and a few new courses at Bloomfield College.   In November, I will perform at Vital Vox (solo), the Gershwin Hotel and EMPAC (for Neil Rolnick’s piece MONO with some great singers from Magic Names vocal sextet, Robert Osborne, Daisy Press, Nick Hallett)

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