Edith Lettner / Dafna Naphtali duo

Spring 2019, will see the release of a new duo recording of Edith Lettner (soprano/alto sax, Duduk) and Dafna Naphtali (voice, live processing of voice/reeds).

Lettner is well-travelled but based in her home town of Vienna, and Naphtali, a native New Yorker, lives in Brooklyn.
They met in NY only a few times, performing in larger ensembles, but as a duo, they found instant common language and constant surprises culminating in an explosive recording to be released in 2019.  This recording is just the beginning.

more info about Edith at www.edith-lettner.net       more info about Dafna at www.dafna.info

Edith Lettner

Dafna Naphtali

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