Video pieces by Dafna Naphtali

Starting in 2016, I have made a few video pieces in which I am creating the visuals and sound or just the visuals.
These piece stem from a residency I did at Signal Culture in 2016 run by Jason and Debora Bernagozzi and Hank Rudolph.  There I was introduced to the terrific work and technology behind the former Experimental TV center, the great video synthesis technology inventor/designer Dave Jones and a remake of Nam June Paik’s Wobbulator and more.

Three channel piece, AWOL_socket, created with materials generated at Signal Culture, video feedback, Wobbulator, Serge modular and Eurorack synths, Max/MSP and Face OSC control (using my facial muscles to control some of what you see), and then assembled / further manipulated in Max/Jitter into a three channel phasing piece.


A second piece stemming from this residency at Signal Culture is Blaarfarvevaerket, using the Wobbulator, MVIP, and facial control, and was assembled in aleatoric layouts and phasing playback in Max/Jitter.  Sounds by Hans Tammen with Blippoo Box.  Premiered at Screen Compositions March 2017, Experimental Intermedia, NYC.


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