Private Teaching

I’m now available to teach private lessons — electronic music, Max/MSP, voice, composition in person or via Skype / Google hangout etc.. email me “post[at]” for more information Continue reading

News Spring 2012

A short hiatus from performing.. but I have been super busy mixing a backlog of pieces: Been mixing these pieces: • Stabat Mom with Kitty Brazelton with our project What is it Like to be a Bat? • Panda Half-Life, my piece for the vocal sextet Magic Names and live… Continue reading

News August 2011

I am working on mixing several projects which I hope will be published soon.. “Panda Half-Life” (commissioned for Magic Names vocal sextet) — live sound processing complex vocal sextet writing and gestural controllers (Wii and iPhones).    We recorded at NYU Dolan Studios, amazing room and microphones, and great singers!… Continue reading