Lenore Malen: Quarry (2012)

Quarry by video artist Lenore Malen, was filmed in upstate New York in June 200l, edited in September 2001 and with a final edit in 2012. It was the very first project of The New Society for Universal Harmony. granarybooks.com/book/100/Lenore_Malen+The_New_Society_for_Universal_Harmony/ Dafna created the audio score for Quarry (her second score for a Lenore Malen… Continue reading

compositions: What is it Like to be a Bat ? – 1997- present

In collaboration with composer/performer Kitty Brazelton, these are the compositions written for What is it Like to be a Bat? (our “digital punk” trio with Danny Tunick). She said, She said, “Will you sing ‘Sermonette’ with me ?” 1997 5 dreams: marriage (NYSCA commission) 2000 StaBAT.mom (recorded, unpublished, presently being mixed..) 2006  … Continue reading


music for music robots / voice / electronics Robotica is inspired by the person and work of the ingenious early 13th century scholar/inventor Al-Jazari, the Mesopotamian creator of the some of the very first musical automata (as well as many other devices).    Robotica is written for Eric Singer’s “GuitarBot”,… Continue reading

Lenore Malen: Be Not Afraid audio score (2-channel video, 2007)

“Be Not Afraid” is a two-channel looped video originally projected on suspended glass screens. A re-enactment of the first hypnotic session ever pictured (from an l9th century engraving) it also incorporates archival footage from the Worlds’ Fairs and NASA Footage. In the video members of The New Society for Universal… Continue reading

Men March — 2007

Men March, an electronic chamber work, was commissioned by Brecht Forum as part of the Neues Kabarett music series. The piece was created for an evening length performance: “New Art Songs for the 21st Century: spontaneous & premeditated compositions, audio machinations/meditations & explosive interludes”, which premiered February 10, 2007 –… Continue reading

Wheezer — 2005

Wheezer is an audio work for surround sound (5.1), released on Harvestworks Workspace projects 2005 DVD, and was a part of the traveling exhibit of sound pieces under the same name, with “performances” in Germany, Bulgaria and the U.S. in 2005/2006. Wheezer was originally conceived and created as a piece… Continue reading