mechanique(s) duo / trio and more..

Mechanique(s) is aleatoric/improvised electro-acoustic computer music project active of mine using live electronics, prepared guitar,voice, and sometimes reeds or other guest instrumentalists.   Working together since 1998 in various configurations, Mechanique(s) has been drawing on many traditions in improvised and electronic music, investigating the overlap of various elements of the performers’ technical and… Continue reading

Chatter Blip duo (Chuck Bettis/Dafna Naphtali)

CHATTER BLIP is a duo project of Chuck Bettis (electronics/throat) and Dafna Naphtali (electronics/processing/voice) — an interstellar multi-character audio operetta involving a multitude of human, alien, and machine voices, in a mash-up of primal and classic sci-fi and electro-acoustics…..    with performances since 2006. Audio/Video of past performances: –Ridgewood Radio broadcast/archive –Live set recorded… Continue reading

Chemtech article 1983

My dad was a chemical engineer (now retired), my mother was a dancer and later a sociologist (worked on her doctorate throughout my teens). Their debates and viewpoints on science, philosophy of science, social science, politics and their library (enormous) were the background noise and foreground content that made my… Continue reading

Video — Performances

Dafna with Robert Dick and Satoshi Takeishi Chatter Blip duo with Chuck Bettis at Panoply Oct 2013: “Robotica” excerpt from Flea Theater — piece inspired by Al-Jazari, 13th century Mesopotamian inventor of musical automata. Robotica excerpt: Dafna Naphtali & LEMUR music robots from Dafna Naphtali on Vimeo. Princeton Laptop Orchestra… Continue reading

CD Ricardo Arias: New York | Bogotá 2000-2010

RICARDO ARIAS Artists: Ricardo Arias, Diego Chamy, Luis Conde & Gabriel Paiuk, Pascal Boudreault, Dafna Naphtali & Yasunao Tone, Sean Meehan, Jefferson Rosas & Juan Sebastián Suanca, Roberto García, Daniel Leguizamón, Daniel Prieto & Rodrigo Restrepo, Nate Wooley & Hans Tammen, Tim Feeney & Vic Rawlings.   Track 5. Miscelánea… Continue reading

News March 2014

Exciting things happening.. Words.. a short article of mine was just published in Almanac of Contemporary Instruments– “What if your instrument is invisible?” Mixing / Overdubs / Thinking — I’m busy and excited about finishing work on my upcoming release “Machines and Memory” representative of my larger scale projects for… Continue reading

Audio Fixations:: Improvisation / Party with Dafna Naphtali / Ofer Bymel with Hans Tammen / Ras Moshe / Shoko Nagai

Kick off the almost-Fall season with some fun, improvisation and fulfillment of audio fixations– Dafna Naphtali (live electronics/ sound processing /voice) plus visiting creative mind and drummer Ofer Bymel (of Electro Free Trio / Tel Aviv). With fellow audio fixators from New York,.. Shoko Nagai (piano, electronics), Ras Moshe (reeds),… Continue reading